Genuine Imitation Life

Chameleons changing colours while a crocodile cries
People rubbing elbows but never touching eyes
Taking off their masks, revealing still another guise
Genuine imitation life

People buying happiness and manufactured fun
Everybody doing what everybody's done
People count on people who can only count to one
In a genuine imitation life

All the pretty clouds are a lovely shade of black
You find the right direction and someone tears up all the tracks
People worship crosses with their fingers crossed behind their backs
In a genuine imitation life

Old friends get together but it's solitary play
Everybody's rainbow done in different shades of grey
It's a lovely place to visit but I wouldn't want to stay
In a genuine imitation life

In a genuine imitation life


Words and music by Jake Holmes
© 1967 Copyright Control

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Released in 1967 by Jackie Lomax as the A-side of CBS 2524 but not released on CD until LOST SOUL (2010). Also available on RARE, UNRELEASED & LIVE (2015).