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Lord Who Give Me Life

Lord who give me life but no reason
If I try to do right, really you I'm pleasing
Lord who give me vision and two good eyes to see
Help me in my blindness to see Thee
To see Thee

Lord who give me power to do service
Help me hour by hour to forget I'm nervous
Lord who give me music and two good ears to hear
Help me to reach out and draw you near
And draw you near

Lord who give me light but no pathway
Help me to choose right and not just the fast way
Lord who give me choices and mind enough to choose
Help me in my darkness to choose you
To choose you

Help me Lord, help me in my darkness
Help me in my blindness
Help me in my loneliness

Help me, help me Lord
Help me, help me

Words and music by Jackie Lomax
© 1974, 2002 & 2010 Jakmax Music

(1974 & 2002). Also available as the second CD on LOST SOUL (2010).