Take Me Away

Take me away from the city
Take me away from the town
To a place where the scenery's pretty
A place where there's grass all around
Take me away

Make it a place where there's sunshine
Water to swim if I want
A house with a view will be fine
With a pipe and a chair in the front
Take me away

I'm so tired of walking around the street
With the people rushing, pushing, crushing my feet

All I need is the bus fare
Maybe a nickel or a dime
If you want to help me get there
I'll take your cash any time
Take me away

Words and music by Jackie Lomax
© 2003 Jakmax Music

Lomax Alliance 1967 - Jackie, John, Tom, Bugs
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Recorded in 1966/67 by the
Lomax Alliance but not released until 2010 on LOST SOUL.