Apart from THE UNDERTAKERS UNEARTHED and IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? none of Jackie Lomax's albums had been issued on CD and there were no websites devoted to Jackie Lomax and his outstanding contribution to the world of pop/rock/soul.  Something had to be done, and www.JackieLomax.com first appeared on the World Wide Web at the beginning of 2001, to do just that, and to focus attention on the albums that had still to appear on CD.

During the first half of 2001, Jackie Lomax put the finishing touches to his first solo album in years and years and years. Entitled THE BALLAD OF LIVERPOOL SLIM, it once again featured Jackie's unique r & a big B.  His voice and song-writing were better than ever and his guitar-playing was nothing short of brilliant.

JACKIE LOMAX says '...I'm on a pool team called Grumpy Old Men, and we beat everyone in the Ventura County area, and made it to nationals in Vegas.  I'm an average player - not great.  But I got 'Liverpool Slim' from my pool playing, not my musical career.  I thought the title, and the cover painting I did, both suited the album.  The painting is of a guy with a saddle and a guitar… I love soul music, and I miss soul music; you don't hear much of it these days.  And I love blues and R&B; The Blues Made Me Do It on that album is a straight-out blues song, but again, something more uptempo would be considered R&B, and there are Motown and Al Green influences… Ray Charles, Stax/Volt….sounds funny coming from an Englishman, doesn't it?'

'... I think Free At Last is a really good song, but it may be a bit different from the rest of the album; it may have a bit more of a country feel, but it's got a soulful country feel.  And I like The Blues Made Me Do It; I've heard things like it before, but not quite like it.  And I think that's kind of where I fit in.  I take influences from Memphis, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, it doesn't matter to me - it's all American, and I try to incorporate influences from all over…. I busted my ass getting this album out; it took me months to get things together - the artwork, to say nothing of the finances…..  I'm really on my own, but I've got an MP3 site now, and if someone downloads something and likes it, maybe I could end up on a label.  I've only been online for a few months, and I've already heard from people I haven't heard from in 30 years.  It's wonderful, but it's also a little disconcerting…'

The album is as good as anything he has recorded and was originally available to buy on CD or to download via

Japan were quick to issue THREE and LIVIN' FOR LOVIN' and DID YOU EVER GET THAT FEELING? on CD, as well as the BADGER/WHITE LADY album.

In August 2003, Jackie Lomax made a triumphant return to the Cavern in Liverpool to play two gigs as part of Beatles Week 2003. Playing with Wonderwall -- Stan Bullock (drums), Chuck Martin (keyboards), Brad Newell (guitar) and Marc Diffendal (bass) - half of his set was taken from his Apple recordings with the other 50% being made up of LIVERPOOL SLIM songs. He also found time to play with the current line-up of the Undertakers which still includes Geoff Nugent and Brian Jones. A splendid time was had by all.

received a off-line release on the 7th Street Songs label. That version also included a new song, written after the death of George Harrison, called Friend-A-Mine. With 7th Street Songs, Jackie seems to have found a label that appreciates his history but are more interested in his future.

Apart from his new record deal, a continuing gig schedule and appearances at various Beatles-related and George Harrison tribute events, the highlight of 2004 for Jackie was soul legend Percy Sledge recording a wonderful version of
Fall Inside Your Eyes for his 2004 album, SHINING THROUGH THE RAIN.